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To bring change in your organization to positively impact either the bottom-line or burn-rate it is no brainer that you have to do 'something' about it. This 'something' may however entail one or combination of organizational 360 degrees PM overhaul, change management, process re-engineering, benchmarking, systemic streamlining, TQM and leadership change. In fact the list goes on! Whatever the case maybe, the results of appropriate changes realized is the project itself. Depending the type and context of the projects, some organizations can pull a superb project off even if they are balanced matrix in their respective organizational structures.

If you feel that you, as a project leader, or as portfolio manager of many projects, have initiated and through the project life cycle closed it with excellence results, without knowing this project could be benchmarked for other projects in your organization. Better, this needs to recognized so that your and organization's smart-hard work is well justified and honored in the PM community.

Nepal has already won five awards in three different categories:  Young project managers in 2010 and 2011, respectively; Project Achievement Awards in Community Service/Development Projects in 2013 and 2015, respectively; and  Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid project in 2015. To lead such successful projects, project managers are best equipped with IPMA 4-L-C certifications. PMAN is finally launching the certification in March 2016. Stay tuned!


Project Perspective Re-Starts!

PMAN is re-starting its periodic Project Perspective event from December 2015! With the launch of IPMA certification in Nepal in March, 2016, we are very pleased to continue our conversations on PM.

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Buddha Air wins 2014 Bronze PM Exellence Awards

Buddha Air wins 2014 Bronze PM Excellence Awards in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in Medium and Big Sized category of the projects.

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IPMA 4-L-C PM Certification in March, 2016

PMAN is offering IPMA's Project Management Four Level Certifications (4-L-C) this year. As a start the certifications will be limited to only D and C. B and A are subject to demand and hence will be offered in due course of time.

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UCEP and Lamjung District Community Hospital Wins IPMA Awards

UCEP and Lamjung District Community Hospital has won 2015 IPMA Project Achievement Awards in Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid and Community Service/Development categories, respectively.

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